Soundscapes I made

Feel free to use them

I made these soundscapes for the Insect Insights podcast, and figured if anybody would want to use them, I would put them here. They're all relatively ecologically believable, meaning that you only hear animals that would be found in a same region and same general environment (e.g. a forest at night, a plain during summer...). They are build with an audio software and are not original recordings though. They are all licensed under cc-by-sa, even though the original samples used might use other licenses.

"Meso-american forest". The following recordings from INaturalist were used: Two recordings of Dives Dives birds from users axel-f-m and amaurydiaz.Another bird, Attila spadiceus, recorded by pshubin, and a howler monkey (Alouatta palliata), recorded by ariaanb. All are under (cc-by-nc) license.

"European forest in the spring". It was made with the following recordings from INaturalists: a green Woodpecker by Peter Eriksen (cc-by), Eurasian Jay by Frank007 (cc-by-nc), Great green bush-cricket by mobbini (cc-by-nc), Song thrush by Alexander Baransky (cc-by-nc).

"Southern European summer", a soundscape originally made to reproduce an Italian vineyard. It was made with the following recordings from INaturalists: European robin by Taupo (cc-by-nc), White-faced Bush-cricket by elaphus9 (cc-by-nc), Ash Cicada by valentinabuono (cc-by-nc), Green Woodpecker by petererisken (cc-by), Goldcrest by ppiero (cc-by-nc).

"Amazonian tropical forest", a soundscape first made for the tropical vulture bee episode. It was made with the following recordings from INaturalists: Spotted Puffbird and Collared Forest-Falcon by sdanaturalist (cc-by), Screaming Piha by Tommy Andriollo (cc-by), Guiana Spider Monkey by bicudose (cc-by), and Humming Frogs by esteban Koch (cc-by-nc).

"Papuan/North Australian rain forests", a soundscape made for the stalk-eyed fly and spiny leaf insect episodes. It was made with a few recordings from INaturalist user Tom Hunt, aka moth_nut.