the Insect Insights

Chill insect stories to relax, and wonder

The Insect Insights is a short-form scientific podcast. Its aim is to tell short and simple stories about arthropods, mostly terrestrial, mostly insects, to make them a bit more familiar to you. The stories are always told using the second person, so you can feel like you are actually living them. Hop on for a meditative journey into entomology!

You can find it on most podcast platforms, and here is the RSS feed link.

Some more info

I edit the podcast using Ardour, a free/libre DAW software. I build the acoustic atmospheres using free use samples from, recordings from INaturalist users, and personal recordings. The INaturalist credits can be found on the episode pages, and you can find some of the soundscapes I built here. My voice is recorded at Agentur Sisigrant.

If you want to support the podcast, you can make donations on my ko-fi page! For insect questions, or general questions about the podcast, drop me an email at mail[at]maxaubrydotcom.

The episodes

You can also find all the episodes' scripts and sources below: